Why Should You Join?

Here are just some of the many advantages membership in the Royal Canadian Legion brings:

Social Activities – Most branches have recreational facilities and may have licensed lounges. Members can enjoy a wide variety of social events such as dances, barbeques, entertainment and a host of other special events.

Member participation Sports – The Legion has sporting events such as darts, curling, cribbage, golf – with competitions ranging from local, provincial, and national levels.

Community Service – You can serve your community by assisting with the many Legion programs in support of youth, seniors, disabled people, and others. The Legion also provides bursaries and scholarships to students from secondary school to the university level, and is the largest single supporter of boy-scouts and girl-guides. It is also a major supporter of sea, army, and air cadets.

Leadership – You will have the opportunity to grow within this organization. The Legion welcomes members who can take on the leadership challenge.

Service – As Canada’s largest volunteer organization, tremendous intangible benefits are gained through the commitment of members to fulfill the mandate of remembrance, service to the community, and our country. Our fallen comrades served in battle, you have “another way to serve” by joining the Royal Canadian Legion.

Legion Magazine – Your membership includes a subscription to the Legion Magazine. It contains articles on various topics including history, current events and general interest stories, as well as keeping members up-to-date on the many and varied Legion activities.

Can You Join ?

The Royal Canadian Legion was formed in 1925 with a membership of 50,000. The Legion’s commitment to the Remembrance of those who gave their lives for peace and freedom, is as valid today as it was then.Today the Legion is one of the largest community service organizations in Canada, with more than 450,000 members and approximately 1,600 branches in Canada, USA, and Germany.

As well as service to veterans and the community, the Legion has a strong and continuing commitment in promoting Canada’s contribution to world peace, the protection of Canadian sovereignty and the preservation of national unity. As the years take their toll on Canada’s veteran population, the Legion needs the infusion of new blood in order to maintain the many services provided to communities across Canada.

Membership was originally restricted to those who had served in Canada’s Armed Forces and Merchant Navy. The Royal Canadian Legion is proud of its military heritage and still maintains close ties with the Armed Forces today; however, over the years categories of membership have evolved to include other members of the community.

Ways you can join:

Full membership is open to ex-service people and their families, parents, children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, and also nieces and nephews. Included, are ex-service people of NATO and NORD member nations. Also if you have served in Federal, Provincial, or Municipal Police forces, or in Sea, Army, or Air Cadets.

You may be eligible to become an Affiliate member, even if you have no ex-service family member.

All applications for membership are subject to the General Bylaws of the Royal Canadian Legion and local Branch Bylaws.


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