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Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary

The Royal Canadian Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary is comprised of mothers, wives, daughters, stepdaughters, nieces, sisters, granddaughters, great granddaughters and widows of Legion members. In some Commands, membership is also open to women in the community.

Most, but not all, branches have Auxiliaries which come under the jurisdiction of the Branch. Major contributors to the day to day life of the branch, auxiliaries provide financial and volunteer support to Legion programs.

Any woman who is eligible for membership in the Legion may choose to become a member of the ladies Auxiliary only, or a member of both.

Members of the Ladies’ Auxiliary support the aims and objects of The Royal Canadian Legion and their dedicated service enrich the programs and activities of the branch.


Br. 170 Ladies’ Auxiliary 85th Celebration

On Saturday, February 20, the Ladies Auxiliary of Branch #170 celebrated their 85th Anniversary.  All enjoyed the comradeship of the day and browsing through historical memorabilia. Served by handsome branch fellas and Cadets, everyone enjoyed the delicious finger foods! Thank you to all who attended.. Photo Credits: John Cavers

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Ladies’ Bring it Home !!

Congratulations to the dart teams attending the Zone Team Dart Tournament in Bay Ridges on February 6. Uxbridge sent 4 teams to Bay Ridges.

  1. Sandra Nicholl, Barb Pearson, Lisa Risebrough, Mel Risebrough
  2. Patty Croft, Ann Oliver, Brittany Cotter,  Bev Harrision
  3. Crystal Connor, Marion Low, Liz Smith, Janet Markham
  4. Sue Webb, Jackie McGivern, Sherrill Hodgson, gloria eng

Round robin action saw Uxbridge  Teams playing each other in 2 divisions.

Team 1 and 2 played off resulting in Team 1  1st, and Team 2  2nd in Division A

Team 4 had a 3 way play off for 1st , 2nd and 3rd;  coming out as  winners in B Division, Team 3 placed 6.

The finals saw Team  1 and 4 battle for 1st, with Team 1 winning the tie-breaking game. Resulting in Uxbridge Team 1 –  1st,  Uxbridge Team 4 – 2nd. Team 2 won their round placing then 3rd overall. Team 3 had a hard fought battle in their 3 games, resulting in a 11th place finish.

Uxbridge will be hosting next year’s tournament !!

District Darts on April 2 will see Team 1, 2 and 4 head off to Brechin… Congratulations Ladies